The Den (Est. 2017)

The Den is a place where you can find island designed and crafted products created to give comfort, joy and warmth.

It initially started as the “Home of the PEI Fox Mug ™” created in 2017, and has now expanded to include other creative PEI FOX related items and other specialty island products including: ceramics, photography, crochet and more!

The Den is a showcase of selected artists who have common interests in producing quality products that give visitors a sense of comfort and offers them a piece of the island to take home with them, whether they reside on Prince Edward Island or away.

Prince Edward Island has a long history and relationship with the fox, stemming from the days that they were an economic underpinning to the Island economy over 100 years ago. What started in 1890 as a secret breeding experiment with black and silver-coloured foxes, became a huge industry in western Prince Edward Island. Since then, the fox population has thrived for years on Prince Edward Island and they can be seen in both urban and rural areas.

They are, in fact, one of the most visible creature on four legs on P.E.I. Even though P.E.I. Foxes can be red, black or silver, they are all the same species. Foxes are often called sly and crafty, but they are just doing what comes naturally to them.

Foxes create their dens, usually dug out of the earth, primarily for raising their young (Kits) and for rest.

Welcome to The Den