From humble beginnings as 4-H Project, KettleGrove Soapworks was founded by Cindy Rice and Karl Meyer in Fanningbrook, Prince Edward Island. I apprenticed with Cindy and Karl, before purchasing KettleGrove in 2016.

Moving the soapworks to Savage Harbour diversifed my family farm, Rocky Beach Farms, which also cultivates wild blueberries and keeps honey bees for pollination. KettleGrove Soapworks is now a collaboration of two family farms.

My family of Rocky Beach Farms help with soap making, packaging, shipping and sales. The beach below our farm is where the Irish moss, a key ingredient, is sustainably harvested by hand. Laura Leigh Farm expertly cares for our Nubian goat herd and provides the farm fresh goat milk we use in every batch of soap.

KettleGrove is recognized for its iconic Maritime designs, but it’s so much more than a pretty bar of soap. Our goat’s milk creates a mild, creamy lather that is gentle on sensitive skin. Irish moss adds extra moisturizing and minerals while pure essential oils provide superior scent. Each bar is carefully released from the soap molds, cured for six weeks, hand trimmed and polished before being hand wrapped just for you.

We hope you enjoy KettleGrove soaps as much as we enjoy making them. Thank you for supporting our family farms.

With gratitude,

Stephanie & Family