This DEN means comfort

Are you comfortable right now? Are you in a quiet corner with your fleece blanket, laptop and your dog at your side, with a cup of coffee or tea? Do you sometimes seek silence or need music and other distractions to feel comfortable?

How do YOU find comfort? Is it with a person or a place? For some of us, comfort can warm our heart at times and ease our stress or grief at other times. Or are you one of those that seeks that warm and fuzzy feeling through an activity or experience?


All of us find comfort in different forms and places and it usually stems from the way we were raised and how those around us found comfort. For some, seeking that “cozy feeling” provides us freedom from constraint, almost like your best friends arms around your shoulder or a purring cat or your lap. Finding that place of comfort allows us to focus on positive energy.

Perhaps for you, there is a special corner in your favourite room in your house or apartment that provides the space you need to reflect on life and the daily grind? Many of us seek comfort in the place we live and strive to find solace and solitude in the place we call home. Others look for a separate location from our accommodations that can help us to jump off the “hamster wheel” or focus on positive energy. Some of us even try to create patterns in our daily routine that give us respite from the noise of the world. Activities or experiences that will allow us to feel joy, happiness, sadness or whatever we need to that day.

Some of you may relate to a quiet morning wrapped in a blanket, staring out the window, savouring a hot beverage, sitting in silence or listening to music. Others may need the outdoors, sounds of nature and wind, water and sky to relieve the stresses of the day or week. Some of you may call this, living in the moment or living in the present.

These “moments” allow us to do several things. Here’s a list (although not complete)

  1. slow down
  2. take a deep breath
  3. smell a rose
  4. listen to the wind
  5. watch a sunrise or sunset
  6. read a novel
  7. hum a tune
  8. write in your diary but most importantly
  9. focus on the PRESENT. Not the past and not the future – only the PRESENT.
  10. remember self care is important

Have you designed a special room in your home and given it a special name, like “sitting room”, “library”, “study” or “sun room” ? Our favourite name for this room is the “DEN”. It has a feeling of warmth and does not have expectations like other rooms in the house. A kitchen is tied to food, drink and socializing, the living room is usually used for family gatherings and more socializing, bedrooms for sleep, washrooms for….well…. you know. If you have a room in your home you call the “DEN”, chances are you may use from time to time to seek comfort.

What can take place in a DEN can be almost any activity including study, reading, games, music, research, silence, meditation, watching Netflix, creating noise and much more!

When you hear the word comfort, what comes to your mind?

We think of a DEN…warm, comfortable and safe.

Hope to see you in the The Den

Don – The Den Team